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Abid Godil is a professional travel agent and business owner in the Orlando, Florida, community. Currently, Godil owns and operates Pro Vacation Group, a travel agency focused on providing a world-class customer experience and connecting clients with custom vacation packages that fit their travel needs and budget.

An experienced travel agent and consultant, Abid Godil built Pro Vacation Group from the ground up, utilizing his extensive travel industry knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional, all-inclusive vacation planning services and create Orlando’s premier destination for professional vacation booking. Godil has served as President at Pro Vacation since June 2015.

Godil’s interest in travel planning and booking began, in earnest, in 2006, shortly after joining Walt Disney Resorts as Operations Support Supervisor. During his time as team leader at Walt Disney, Godil came to appreciate the challenges many individuals and families face throughout the course of a vacation, as well as the common pitfalls that can derail an entire destination trip, often with little-to-no warning.

Abid Godil later utilized this insight - as well as an accumulated knowledge of the busy Orlando-area vacation scene - throughout his tenure at Summer Vacation Packages, his first venture into the travel consultation and planning business. As President at Summer Vacation Packages (2011-2017), Godil worked to eliminate the hassles many clients experience with travel and connect families and individuals with high-quality travel opportunities.

This experience would serve as the foundation for Pro Vacation Group, which strives to deliver 100% customer satisfaction and amazing, all-inclusive travel experiences to every client. Now crafting comprehensive, budget-friendly travel packages to destinations across the U.S., Mexico, Curacao, Panama and the Dominican Republic, Abid Godil and the Pro Vacation team make it easier than ever to realize the vacation of your dreams.

For more information, visit Pro Vacation Group online or call (855) 776-8222 today.


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